Dogs Eating Their Poops

coprophagiaDogs are lovable animals. They quickly become members of the family. Even though they can’t speak the human language, they have their own ways to tell us how they feel. They also know when we’re sad or happy. Remember the time you were so happy because you closed this very important deal at work? Your dog was with you. Do you also remember when you were this sad because your heart got broken? He was also there to feel your pain. So how about if he’s the one who got a problem? More particularly like coprophagia? Coprophagia is the condition wherein dogs eat their own feces. It is common to dogs.

Do you know the reason why do dogs eat their own poop?

You may be surprised as to why your dog has this eating disorder. One of the reasons for this is absolutely due to poor house training or attention. As you know, your dog is very affectionate. So when he only spends time by himself, this makes him bored or stressed. This makes him think of ways to eliminate his boredom. He will try to seek your attention. Absolutely, once he knew that you’re mortified whenever you see your dog eat his own poop, he will continue to do this to grab your attention. But responding to this attention his seeking through scolding him is never a good idea. This will only worsen the case of your dog.

Would you like this to continue from happening? Would you like to see your dog feeling ill and poisoned because of the feces he continuously eats? You should start giving him attention through calmly telling him to stop eating his feces while you remove his feces after he finishes pooping. You can also ask the help of your dog’s vet to seek for advices that will inform you about the other possible reasons as to why do dogs eat their poop, in general to assess your own dog’s case and to help you stop it from happening ever again.