Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Collar Review

This is one of the newest products to the dog fence industry, the Motorola wireless dog fence is definitely something that should be looked forward to. The feature list on this collar is very large, boasting the ability to do things most dog fence collars just cannot.

This is definitely a collar meant for larger dogs – the suggestion starting at 20 lbs. It offers the ability to see when your dog is being corrected with a red led on the collar itself. This feature makes the training phase much easier on the trainer and is invaluable. It also has a low battery led indicator directly on the collar. Never worry about having your dog escape after the rechargeable batteries die, the collar will make sure you know what’s happening ahead of time.

One of the only collars on the market to feature over 15 correction levels. This one of a kind collar will give you unparalleled control over your dog and their behavior.