Perimeter® Technologies In-Ground Fence Collar

Designed for use with all Perimeter® Technologies systems (excluding the Invisible Fence® product line), the Perimeter® Technologies In-Ground Fence Collar has five independently adjustable levels of correction to help keep your dog within the defined area. The adjustable correction levels allow you to tailor and fine tune the strength of the stimulation received for each dog. The Perimeter® Technologies system allows you to use multiple collars with one in-ground fence.

When purchasing collars, make sure to specify whether you need a 7K or 10K frequency collar. This is specified by the owner’s manual for the particular in-ground fence you currently have installed. The contact points are made of conductive rubber, as opposed to the metal contact points of other devices, making them more comfortable for your dog. The device also uses a static correction method, making correction safer for your pets.

In addition, collars come with both long and short contact points, as well as contact point training covers to help your pet become accustomed to the stimulation the device provides. The collar is made of durable nylon and secured with a plastic clip for fast and easy adjustment and removal.

Ideally, the collar is meant for dogs weighing 15 pounds or more and necks sizes ranging from 6 to 24 inches. The omni-directional antenna ensures a clear signal reception regardless of your dog’s orientation to the fence.

Compact and waterproof, the device is submersible in up to 5 feet of water. Additionally, the device uses a PetSafe® propriety battery to operate. The battery lasts approximately 4 months before you need to replace it. You can purchase additional batteries at local pet supply stores that sell PetSafe® products. To save battery life, turn the battery to the off position when not in use. The collar and device give a lightweight alternative to bulkier collars, only weighing about one ounce.