Petsafe Elite Little Dog Collar Review

This is our Petsafe Elite Little Dog Collar Review. This dog collar is superior for any dog up to 50 lbs and even some cats. It’s a very well made durable piece of equipment designed specifically for the little friends in your life. Electric dog fences make life much easier by enabling you to let your pets (Even small ones) roam freely without the worry of busy roads or getting lost.

The small size of the collar is essential to the success of the system. It’s meant for dogs with small necks that will not fit in other collars. However don’t let that fool you because it still packs the full power you’ll need to keep your dog contained.

When looking at different electric dog fence systems you need to ensure that you get the right kind the first time. It can be very challenging if you’ve already scared your dog with a system that’s not setup properly. This elite little dog is the system that you need if your dog is between 5 and 50 lbs.

Other features of the overall system that goes with this collar are an impressive 25 acres of coverage power. It also has a boundary alarm if there’s a wire break or problem with the wire surrounding the property.

This Petsafe product is also backed with a 1 year manufacture warranty, they will fix any issues that arise short of the wire being broken or damaged. The system is covered but once the wire has been put into the ground it’s ultimately up to the owner to setup and maintain these systems to let their dogs have full enjoyment of their yard.