PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Fence Collar

Designed for use with smaller dogs, the PetSafe® Elite Little Dog Fence Collar allows pet owners to add a dog to their current Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence. The device is designed to keep your dog within an area defined by an already-installed PetSafe® Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence. You can also use the collar as a replacement collar for a broken device.

The PetSafe® Elite Collar is the smallest and lowest-powered dog collar available from the company and is meant for dogs with neck sizes ranging from 6 to 16 inches and weighing 5 pounds or more. The device has four correction levels, specifically suited for small dogs, from which to choose. The stimulation used is known as static correction, a milder form of stimulation akin to a light tingling on the skin. It’s just enough to get your pet’s attention or startle your dog without harm. Additionally, the device offers a beep-only training mode.

The collar is waterproof, allowing you to submerse it in up to 5 feet of water without damage. The collar features a reflective nylon band to help you locate your pet in low light and darkened conditions. As a power source, the Elite uses PetSafe® RFA-188 batteries, which lasts up to 100 days before needing replacement. The device also comes with a set of short probes for short-haired dogs, though you can purchase a set of longer probes for use with longer-haired dogs if needed.

To extend the life of the PetSafe® RFA-188 battery included with the collar, turn the battery into the off position when not using it. You can buy replacement batteries at your local pet supply store.