Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless Fence Collar

This is our review of the petsafe PIF-300 Wireless fence collar. This collar is suited for medium to larger sized dogs. The neck size should be between 5 and 29 inches so there’s a large range of size to fit just right for your dog.

This collar is fully waterproof, your dog can take it rain or shine and have the same amount of fun as any other given day. It also takes a proprietary petsafe battery that’s designed to be protected from the dog wearing the collar.

Because this is made from durable polycarbonate you know it’s going to be able to tough whatever your dog or dogs will be putting it through. This rough and tough design makes it a real force when it comes to wireless dog fence collars. It’s a rugged collar that’s able to be thrown into the elements.

When training your dog you’ll have 5 correction levels with this dog fence collar. You can adjust these settings for each dog on the system and it also can be set to a tone only training mode. It’s an easy collar to use for so many reasons and there’s so many things that make this dog fence collar so great.