PetSafe® PIF-300 Wireless Fence Receiver Collar

You can use the PetSafe® PIF-300 Wireless Fence Receiver Collar as a replacement collar or to add a dog to your PIF-300 Wireless Fence Containment System. In fact, with the PIF-300 Wireless Fence Receiver Collar, you can add an unlimited number of dogs to your current system.

Offering five adjustable levels of harmless and safe static correction, the PIF-300 is made specifically for dogs weighing 8 pounds and up with neck sizes ranging from 6 to 28 inches. The static stimulation gets your pet’s attention, interrupting their behavior if they wander out of the designated area. The collar gives a warning tone before administering correction and also offers a tonal-only option as a training aid. Additionally, you can adjust the various levels to the level of correction that you think works best with each individual pet.

Submersible in water up to 5 feet, the waterproof PIF-300 Collar is compatible with the PetSafe® PIF-300 Wireless Containment System, IF-100 transmitter, and the Stay N Play® PIF00-12917 Wireless Fence.

The receiver itself uses a 6-volt RFA-67 battery, which lasts 1 to 2 months, depending on usage, before you need to replace it. You can check to see if you need to replace the battery using the low-battery indicator. Replacement batteries can be purchased wherever PetSafe® products are sold.

The wireless nature of the PetSafe® PIF-300 system creates some drawbacks. Some of the major limitations of the PIF-300 system is the circular boundary size, which is limiting, and the maximum distance of 90 feet. While the collars work perfectly within this area, their smaller size can be limiting to those who want to give their pets more free reign. In addition, while the wireless system can penetrate most barriers, metal barriers and elevation changes can cause some problems with providing adequate coverage of your area.