Petsafe Stubborn Dog Collar Review

Petsafe is at it again with the stubborn dog fence collar. This is a powerful collar meant for dogs 50 lbs and above. The superior correction power is meant for dogs where other systems can’t compete. It will also fit on dogs that traditionally would have been disqualified from them.

Placing a 9V in this collar is the only action you need to take to get up and running. It gets the power for it’s correction from this battery and the lifespan of the battery will depend upon how stubborn your dog really is.

It also gives an audible alert to allow the dog a warning before receiving the first correction. It will also vibrate on the newer models of the collar giving an extra layer of protection to your wandering dog.

If you need a lot of power in one simple collar this would be the 1 stop selection to make it happen.