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  • Brown and white dog running through a pole obstacles during daytime

    A Fundamental Dog Training Concept You Must Understand For Success With Your Dog

    I moved into a new house about 14 days ago. The funny thing about this house is that, when you walk into the master bathroom, the light switch is on the left side, opposite of where the sink is.

  • White long-coated dog sitting on white floor

    Westies Puppies: How to Prepare for Your Westie Puppy

    Just like when you bring home a new baby, you will need to prepare before you bring home your westie puppy. The needs of westies puppies are not tremendous, but there are a few things that you must have in place to give your westie a safe, happy transition into your life.

  • Dogs: There Is A Breed For Everyone

    There are over a hundred registered breeds of dogs. Recognizing the type of dog is basically associated with its breed. A purebred animal belongs to a documented and acknowledged group of unmixed lineage.

  • Westie Merchandise that Benefits your Dog

    There are many places to find Westie merchandise, but before you make a purchase for yourself or your Westie, consider first a retailer or non-profit organization that uses sales of Westie merchandise to benefit the breed. WestieMed, Inc. is a non-profit organization that specifically targets rescued Westies that are injured or ill. Along with donations, […]

  • Important Facts You Should Be Aware Of About

    I would take her to the vets, at her age, she should be going 90 miles per hour. At her age, she can only hold her potty for 4 hours at the most, so take her out at night. I would move the crate to your bedroom, until she is potty trained, and then she can sleep wherever.

  • Dog Training Tips To Tame Your Dog (Stop Dog Biting!)

    Include plenty of physical activity in your dog’s training routine. Dogs become bored very easily. A dog without interest in what you’re doing is more difficult to train. If you have a happy, exercised dog, they will listen better. Before every training session, prepare your dog by taking them for a walk.

  • House Training the Dog with Confinement and Praise Can Make Him Hygienic and Happy

    The dog owners have got a lot of responsibilities and among them the training of the dogs are most important. The dogs are easier to handle when you are dealing with a well trained dog. The dogs are loving creatures and are eager to please you. You need to let them know what is it that you are being happy with the behaviors and you are not very happy with some of their activities. The dogs use their body to converse or communicate with you.

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