House Training the Dog with Confinement and Praise Can Make Him Hygienic and Happy

Adorable border collie with leash

The dog owners have got a lot of responsibilities and among them the training of the dogs are most important. The dogs are easier to handle when you are dealing with a well trained dog. The dogs are loving creatures and are eager to please you. You need to let them know what is it that you are being happy with the behaviors and you are not very happy with some of their activities. The dogs use their body to converse or communicate with you. They will use their eyes and ears to communicate and often they tilt the heads or move their legs and tail to tell you what they want. They also bark or make different noises to make you understand what they want.

Man opening a door for the dog to come out
House dog training

You need to communicate about the potty training

The house training for the dogs is very important. They must know where to go for potty and how to let you know about his emergency need. The first few weeks are the time when you should potty train the dog and then you will find the dog is not creating problem for the other members of the house. The dog does not find it right or wrong to go to toilet at any place they feel like. It is you who can communicate the place that is acceptable for them to do potty. The good habits are best instilled by you. There are three phases for training them to relieve themselves at a particular place. They are confinement, training and praise.

Confinement for them is the first step of training

The puppies are the best to train as they do not grow other habits that you have to make them forget. They can be confined to give them the training fast. The confinement should be done in a crate or a cage. There should be nothing at the bottom of the cage or the crate, not even a newspaper. The puppy will try to tear and destroy that thing. The dogs or puppies do not want to eliminate where they stay. You must make sure the cage is big enough for the puppy to move around or lay down. A larger crate will allow them to eliminate themselves at one side and sleep at the other side. This way they learn to hold their wish to eliminate.

Leash control is needed for taking them to the place to eliminate

The next step is to show them the place where they can relieve themselves. The leash is the best thing that can be used to train the puppy for potty. The leash keeps them under your control and closer to you. You will not have to run around the place to get hold of the puppy. They lose their attention with a little distraction and you need to remind them with a gentle tug of the leash to stand and not to run around the flying leaf. You can also show them the area where they need to eliminate. The dog needs to be taken at the same place when they are going out.

Woman talking to a dog in the living room
Beth Littleford

Associated words and praise are the things that they understand

You need to praise them when they learn to go to that particular place to eliminate by themselves. Use specific words for urination and for defecation. They will recognize the words and then try to please you. Repeat the words a lot, using the words again and again so that they remember the words. The leash and going outside can also be demarcated by some specific words too. They will know they have to go outside to eliminate. Slowly you can ask them to go outside by using the associated words and they will know what to do. You are left to show how happy the puppy has made you.